LGBTQ elopement in Oregon at the Columbia River gorge. The brides stand on the top of a cliff overlooking the river and the trees below. The trees are turning yellow from the fall season. The brides look at each other

5 Reasons You Should Elope In Oregon

Choosing where you want to elope can be a difficult decision because there are so many amazing places to explore. I recommend eloping in Oregon for many reasons but the biggest one is just how beautiful it is here. Every time I step outside I’m blown away by the trees and wildlife. These top 5 Reasons You Should Elope in Oregon will help you decide if this state is right for you.

Choosing to elope in the first place is already a huge decision because you’re likely the first people you know who are doing it. I’m so proud of you for deciding to do what means the most to you instead of going along with something that doesn’t bring you joy. GO YOU!

There are so many reasons couples choose to elope so if you’re still thinking about whether an elopement is right for you, check out this blog. You might be surprised at what you relate to!

Table of Contents:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. How To Elope In Oregon
  3. The Views
  4. The Weather
  5. The People
  6. The Food
  7. The Possibilites

Frequently Asked Questions About Eloping In Oregon

Q: Isn’t it always rainy?

Not at all! I know it’s a really common misconception about the PNW but I was actually surprised at how little it rained in Oregon during the summer. The winter is a different story but there are so many different ways you can embrace the rain to make sure you still have a great day. Besides, rain on your wedding day is good luck!

Q: Do I have to hike to elope in Oregon?

Only if you want to! Some of my favorite places to elope in Oregon don’t require much hiking at all. You can do as much or as little hiking as you want to on your wedding day. I always take your adventure levels into consideration when I make your custom location lists after you book with me!

Q: When is the best time to elope in Oregon?

It depends on exactly what your vision is but I personally love the fall. There’s just something about the colorful leaves and cool air that makes it feel like magic is all around you. October is one of my most popular months for adventure elopements!

How To Elope In Oregon

The state of Oregon requires you to have an officiant and at least two witnesses in order to get legally married. As an ordained officiant, I can legally marry you wherever you choose to elope in Oregon if you don’t have someone else in mind or want to bring a friend. As for witnesses, you can either bring a couple of friends or ask other locals who are out exploring that day to sign as a witness. If you’re getting married in Portland, you can find more information about your Oregon marriage license here.

The license costs $60 to purchase and there is a three-day waiting period before you can pick it up. It’s important to plan ahead to make sure you have this in mind when planning your activities! Feel free to apply online ahead of time to make it easier.

Check out this blog for an in-depth explanation of elopement costs and use the elopement cost calculator!

A great thing about eloping in Oregon is that many of the beautiful places you see don’t require a permit for use. This is rare in the eloping world as more and more of our natural locations get trampled with excess tourism so it’s important to abide by the rules and leave no trace everywhere you go! I always recommend checking out the local permit requirements for where you choose to elope several months before your ceremony. This can sometimes get confusing so I always help my couple with this when needed!

Check out this blog for the Ultimate Guide To Eloping in Oregon.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Elope In Oregon

#1 The Views

It’s hard to beat the variety of scenery that Oregon offers. In just this one state you’ll find mountains, dense forests, waterfalls, the ocean, and the desert! Depending on where you’re at in the state you could have three or more of these in just an hour or so! I knew Oregon was amazing when I first moved here but it wasn’t until I started exploring all of the trails and unique spots that I really experienced the beauty it has to share. One of my favorite things about eloping in Oregon is that so many of these places are relatively easy to get to. That means if you’re not the type of person who enjoys long hikes or if you want to bring the family on your elopement in Oregon you don’t need to worry about sacrificing beauty for your ceremony. Some of my very favorite spots are less than a 5-minute walk from the parking lot!

Check out this elopement under a waterfall at Latourell Falls to see how amazing eloping with a waterfall can be.

Or come see this romantic sunset elopement on the coast for some golden hour love.

#2 The Weather

The Pacific Northwest is known for being rainy and Oregon definitely gets its fair share of precipitation in the winter but throughout the year it’s actually pretty mild. The average temperature in Portland year-round is about 55 degrees. It’s cooler on the coast and closer to the mountain but it’s pretty easy to get a nice day for your elopement. Depending on what sort of weather you’re picturing for your elopement day, you can have an enjoyable wedding day from April to November here.

In the winter, there is a high probability of rain but don’t get discouraged! Rain can add so much to your wedding day if you embrace it. The romantic rainy photos are always amazing and I have two clear umbrellas for my couples to use to help be in the rain without getting as wet.

During the summer if it gets too hot for you in Portland, just take a quick trip to the coast. Oregon coast elopements are so amazing and it’s only an hour and a half from Portland! The coast in Oregon is so diverse with rocks, cliffs, and sea life that no two beaches are the same. There are tons of hidden places so you can have your romantic ceremony just the two of you and not have to worry about lots of onlookers.

#3 The People

Portland’s motto is “Keep Portland Weird”. With a phrase like that, it’s no surprise that the people who live here like to live pretty unique lives. You’ll find all sorts of unique places in Portland and lots of small, local shops to enjoy. Take a trip to the Saturday Market and experience for yourself how many cool artists live here. It isn’t any secret that Oregonians love adventure, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. What I love the most about the state is that even though you can be a hardcore outdoorsy person, you don’t have to be to enjoy the sites.

Portland isn’t the only place you’ll find fun communities. All along the coast, you’ll find these small and adorable coastal towns. The towns are full of shops you can peruse and amazing eateries. Head to Newport and you’ll find a little fishing town where you can watch the seals and then visit a 19th century inspired apothecary shop called Femme Fatale Curiosities & Apothecary. It’s one of my favorite stores!

#4 The Food

Ugh, I love the food here. My husband and I don’t eat meat so we’re always searching for healthy but authentic restaurants. In Portland, some of my favorite breakfast spots are Pip’s Donuts, Grand Central Bakery, and Lionhart Coffee Co. A great way to explore all the hidden spots is to walk around the city and see what you can find. There’s always a food truck around the corner!

For your Oregon elopement, I highly recommend hiring a Portland food truck or getting a private chef. There are so many local wineries or craft beers all through Oregon and you should definitely snag some local cheese from Tillamook!

For some other iconic places to eat, check out this Portland Restaurant guide!

#5 The Possibilities

Eloping in Oregon is accessible to everyone. Regardless of how adventurous you want to be, whether you want to bring friends or young children to your elopement, or if you want to elope with your dog there are so many great places where you can elope. You can rent an Airbnb, stay in one of the iconic McMenamin’s hotels, or go glamping in the Oregon forest. Elopements are all about doing what you love with the people you love the most so you have every option in the world.

If you’ve never been to Oregon, I highly recommend booking a trip here as soon as possible. Everyone I meet here always says they’ve never found a better place that has everything they want than Oregon. Don’t let the motto or the rumors scare you away- there’s so much more here than that!

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