7 Conversations You Should Have With Your Wedding Photographer by Oregon Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

"7 conversations you should have with your wedding photographer" by Oregon elopement photographer Black Salt Photography

It's wedding planning season and chances are, you've already begun! There are hundreds of blogs out there to help guide you through your day. These 7 conversations you should have with your wedding photographer will help you have meaningful dialogue before the wedding day (and remind you that it's okay to be human). Stale, ordinary talks with your photographer lead to stale, ordinary photos. I doubt that's how you want to remember your wedding day. If you've booked the right photographer, they should want to know everything about you! Mention those details, have those maybe-it's-way-too-early-to-tell-you-this conversations, and help your photographer be the best that they can be for you. Part of being passionate about photography is being passionate about their clients.

Shot Lists

Shot lists - should you have them?

Yes and no. Unless you've chosen an amateur photographer, your wedding photographer will know what special shots to get. Copying a list from Pinterest or Wedding Wire is inauthentic and will actually stifle the photographer's creativity. You chose your wedding photographer for a reason, so make sure you give them the freedom to flourish! That said, if you have specific shots you want to get (i.e. certain spots around the venue, particular groupings of your favorite people, or a shot you've done with your best friend at every dance since junior high), you should absolutely provide a list of these items to your photographer!

Detailed Itinerary

Also make sure to give your photographer a detailed itinerary with a complete list of events. And on that note, make sure your DJ knows to communicate with your photographer before they announce the next event at your reception. Your photographer will need some time to get to their preferred location in order to get the best angles and lighting. They shouldn't have to fight Aunt Karen for the best spot but it happens.

Make sure the photographer's itinerary also includes any special or secret moments the rest of your guests may not know about. These might be a surprise dance or giving a gift to your mother-in-law. And don't worry, your photographer will be more than able to keep a secret. The itenerary is about ensuring the day goes as you have been planning.

Name List

If you plan to have a large wedding with tons of bridal party and family (heck maybe even if you don't) it's always a good idea to provide your wedding photographer with a list of everyone's names and their relationship to you. You should have definitely given them the names and contact information of your go-to people, like your MOH or wedding coordinator. Your photographer will be able to handle group photos much more easily if they're able to direct your guests by name instead of having to say, "Guy in blue, move to the left". That joke is only mildly funny the first time-don't make them repeat it!

Drama Queen

You probably don't want your wedding day to feel like an episode of Jerry Springer. I suggest you make your photographer aware of any potential friend or family drama that might arise. Equipped with this knowledge beforehand, your wedding photographer can plan ahead and avoid putting anyone in a photo together who shouldn't be.

Hidden Details

If your photographer is anything like me, they're going to want to capture all the tiny details of your day. Seriously, I can lose myself taking 100 photos of just your centerpieces if I'm not careful. But it's still a good idea to remind your photographer of any extra-special items that are near and dear to your heart. Perhaps you're wearing your grandmother's necklace or you designed each place card to uniquely represent the guest it was made for. These details aren't always immediately obvious to your photographer, so you'll want to make sure they know ahead of time. (I'm noticing a pattern here, are you? Earlier the better!)

Understanding the conversations you should have with your wedding photographer.


Your wedding day is a huge deal, and I know you've got at least a few fears about what might go wrong. Mention them to your wedding photographer. Oftentimes, they'll be able to assuage these fears for you. If not, they'll at least be able to prepare for when you turn into bridezilla. It happens.


Finally, now that you've spent all this time thinking about what you want your photographer to capture on your wedding day, don't forget to tell them about anything you definitely don't want captured. That's not to say you should be vain and say you don't want any bad angles or photos of you dancing. These are priceless moments, after all, and your photographer will do their best to capture them in a flattering was. However, you should always mention your particular tastes. For example, in my wedding, I specifically didn't want stereotypical "standing and smiling" group photos. I knew I wouldn't ever share these, print these, or value them, so why waste the photographer's time? I also did my best to supply examples of alternative groupings to ensure I covered all loose ends!

Tell your wedding photographer everything

In general, it's best to overshare rather than under-share with your photographer - they should want to know everything! And because I'm a wedding planner and coordinator by day, I know how valuable these little tidbits of advice can be and am always more than eager to share! These 7 conversations you should have with your wedding photographer are ones you don't want to miss.

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"Destiny definitely stood out amongst other photographers because we absolutely loved how involved she was from the very beginning. She really wants to get to know you- which makes for really intimate photos! She asks tons of questions, which is awesome because you feel like you know her before even meeting her! And once you finally do, she is so so sweet!!! Destiny is so great at communicating and being really involved in every detail! She captured every emotion and detail perfectly, whenever I look at our wedding pictures, it brings back every feeling on our special day. TEARS!"

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