8 Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

July 5, 2020

“8 Vegan Restaurants in Las Vegas” by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

When you have a particular diet, finding great places to eat out can be hard.

It gets even harder when you go on vacation because you don’t know the area well, and if you’re in a touristy destination, finding those local secrets are basically impossible. My husband and I prefer to eat a healthy, vegetarian/vegan diet, but when you search “healthy restaurants” in Google Maps, Olive Garden comes up.

You might be a high roller for the weekend while you’re in Vegas, but not many people I know want to spend $100+ on a meal like you might in the casinos! I’ve made a list of my eight favorite healthy vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Las Vegas. From quick eats to fancy sit-down, there’s something here for everyone!

8 Vegan Las Vegas Restaurants

1 . CRAFT Kitchen

This is my all-time favorite restaurant in Vegas. They serve decadent breakfast and brunch and have an entirely separate menu for their Vegan fare (win-win). The atmosphere is modern and calm, with a lovely plant wall and outdoor patio seating. I highly recommend trying some of their coffee specialty drinks, such as the Matcha Latte. Their customer service is also wonderful. My husband and I were once served free pastries when they were running behind in the kitchen. We didn’t even notice the delay in our order, so it was great! And tasty! 🙂

2 . SkinnyFATS

SkinnyFATS is another restaurant that has Vegan options on their menu. Like their name, they have fun foods and a great atmosphere. Bonus Points: If you keep your cup and bring it back next time you visit, you get free drinks! SkinnyFATS has locations in Nevada, Utah, and Texas, so they may even be local to you back home. If you go, I recommend the Yummus!

3 . Panchos Vegan Tacos

This quick little taco joint is All Vegan All The Time. Get down and dirty with a taco that won’t make you rush to the toilet after! I love this place for a quick bite and when I want a little spice. They aren’t too far from my wedding chapel, so it’s right near the strip, too. Stop here if you’re out and about one day and need a little pick-me-up.

4 . VegeNation

VegeNation is a slightly pricier all-vegan restaurant. They have a limited menu (everything on it is amazing though), and their tables fill up fast every night. I recommend making your reservation ahead of time, just in case. There are a couple different locations in Las Vegas. You HAVE to order their “Fancy Cheeseboard.” 100% dairy-free cheese and fruit that will knock your socks off with how good it is. 

5 . Cafe No Fur

The name speaks for itself at this all-vegan eatery located near the strip. With tons of finger foods and drinks, you can’t go wrong with this place for your late night cravings. I haven’t been to this restaurant yet, but it’s on our list. We can’t wait to try their vegan donut ice cream!

6 . Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Restaurant

This place will fool all of your meat-eating friends. They are dedicated to not only serving vegan meats but ensuring it still looks and tastes exactly like the “real” thing. I had to hold back from asking the server multiple times if she was sure it was vegan! I love visiting here for my seafood fix. Vegan seafood can be hard to come by anywhere, but somehow they’ve mastered it. 

7 . Simply Pure

Located in Downtown Container Park, this cute little place resides near all the other fun things you might be exploring while on vacation. Paninis are one of my favorite things to eat and I would argue they are the best type of sandwich. Simply Pure has a couple different types of paninis and large sample platters! Order the platter if you don’t know what you want and try a little bit of everything.

8 . The Modern Vegan

TMV is Las Vegas’s first vegan restaurant and has an EXTENSIVE menu to choose from. Order any of your favorite comfort foods like jalapeno poppers, cheese fries, or waffles. Really, they have so much to choose from even your pickiest eater will find something here. You could visit this place for breakfast AND your late-night cocktails. Have I said that they have it all? They do.

This isn’t an extensive list of the vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Las Vegas, but it’s a great start for your trip here! I look forward to seeing what new healthy places pop up around town as this lifestyle becomes more common. 

*Black Salt Photography is in no way affiliated with any of these restaurants and simply recommends them based on previous experiences.

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