A Sunset Beach Wedding Elopement at Cape Meares

Kristin and Wayne’s love story is a beautiful blend of spontaneity and genuine connection. It all began one evening when they reunited over beers after Kristin moved back to Portland. Wayne had pure intentions and was simply looking to catch up, while Kristin had a bit more excitement in mind. Later down the road, after a casual hangout watching the Rocky movies, Wayne casually suggested getting married at the courthouse. Kristin agreed that it sounded just right for them. However, when they discovered that courthouse weddings don’t happen on Saturdays, they pivoted to an even more fitting plan: a sunset beach wedding elopement at Cape Meares.

A Heartfelt Start to Kristin and Wayne’s Oceanfront Elopement

Kristin and Wayne started their day in an adorable private home overlooking the ocean, which set a cozy and intimate atmosphere for their elopement. Kristin shared a heartfelt first look with her dad, filled with emotions and meaningful reactions. Then came the first look with Wayne, capturing their love and excitement. These moments set the tone for their laid-back and family-oriented celebration.

As the sun began to set, Kristin and Wayne’s sunset beach wedding ceremony had a unique touch. The beach setting was already stunning, but there was this thick mist that created an ethereal glow that made everything feel almost otherworldly. It was the perfect backdrop for their vows and such a serene intimate vibe that felt like it was just for them.

Capturing Dreamy Blue Hour Portraits at Kristin & Wayne’s Sunset Beach Wedding

After the ceremony, Kristin and Wayne took some time for couples portraits during the blue hour, capturing some really romantic shots. The mist and fog from earlier lingered making their photos look straight out of a fairytale. Bean, their adorable dog, was right there with them. You could tell he was having the best day ever. He made it into many photos, and his excitement and energy complemented the day. Later, they all headed back to the home for a relaxed evening with friends and family. They shared pizza and stories, making it the perfect ending to a magical day.

Oregon Coast Elopement Photographer | Black Salt Photos

Hey, I’m Destiny, your fellow adventure elopement photographer. I dig deep, find magic in everything, and adore showing humans how amazing they really are. You’ll mainly find me photographing in the Oregon and Washington areas, but I’m always on the move helping couples plan their wedding adventures everywhere. If Kristin and Wayne’s story inspires you, and you’re considering your own elopement, I’d love to help you create a magical day. Inquire here to start planning your adventure. Also, check out my blog on the ultimate list of Oregon Coast elopement locations for more inspiration!


Dress | BHLDN

Suit | Men’s Wearhouse

Wayne’s Hat | Stetson

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