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Therin and I knew we were going to get married long before he ever proposed. I had been secretly planning ideas for our gorgeous 100+ person wedding for months and when he finally proposed on a bridge in Paris, I already knew everything I wanted. Or so I thought.


Intimate Wedding in the PNW

Over the next several weeks of us discussing pros & cons, making spreadsheets (we love them), and digging into what really means the most to us, I realized I didn’t want that wedding. The wedding with all of the show and no personality. The wedding you immediately try to sell all of the overpriced white decor from. The wedding nobody really wants to go to, knowing they’ll have to take some dumb little favor with your faces on it. I wanted more.


The Alrik's

When we landed on the little 18th-century Dutch cottage estate in MA we knew it was the one. Only 30 people attended, including our vendors, and it was the most romantic love-gushing day I have ever experienced. After having all of that, I couldn’t imagine trying to have a “normal” wedding. I didn’t want to belong to the group of regretful brides.


That feeling of having the most amazing day is why I will always scream from the top of my lungs to have your fairytale - however it fits for the two of you. It's achievable by everyday people; not just in magazines and movies. You can do it, too. You deserve it.

It makes me so sad to know that sooo many couples don’t feel like they got to enjoy their day. Or they feel like they wasted money. Or they wish they would have done X instead of Y. All of these feelings can be avoided just by taking the step to have a wedding for you, about you.

Would you believe me if I told you that my husband and I STILL get comments about how people thoroughly enjoyed going to our wedding? It’s been over two years but people can’t get over how much the event felt like the two of us. If that’s not the coolest compliment in the world then…

I’m ready to show you how you can do the same. How to create the perfect atmosphere and vibe regardless of your budget or lack of DIY skills.

And I think that’s why you’re here, still searching for your perfect photographer. Because you’re ready to start your new life together by saying no to average and yes to the best all-day date you can picture. You want more from people and that’s okay!

I just want you to have the best day you can. Without anybody standing in your way, telling you their opinions. Without holding yourself back and allowing yourself to dream the big dreams.

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Your elopement is like being trapped in a love bubble

a f*cking big one

And frankly, I’m so honored to be a part of it. The love you bring to your wedding day is truly, truly special, and I consider it my job to give you whatever support you need to have the best day possible. And that means bringing more to the table than poses straight off the covers of magazines and Pinterest boards. It means capturing the whole, original you, so you won’t regret having missed a single moment from the best day of your life.

Your photos should speak to your soul.

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It's for you

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Documenting your day how you want to

remember it

Photographing elopements makes me feel giddy. I wake up the morning of an elopement so excited to discover all of the tiny little details you put together. Your grandmother’s necklace, your father’s photo in your pocket, every slice of passion and emotion you bring into your day reminds me just how lucky I am to be here with you. Because elopements are profoundly intimate, personal, and vulnerable in the best ways.

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Let's talk about your dream elopement


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I know you might still have some questions. I'm happy to answer anything you might think of, just send me a message to get started. You'll never be left on read. I'll be real with you.

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