Sailboat rides in the water while the sun goes down and the captain and wedding couple watch the waves

Adventurous San Juan Islands Wedding Photos on a Sailboat

Eloping is a great way to get married because it gives you so much freedom. You get to decide what to wear, where to go, and how to spend your time. Coming up with a creative elopement activity can make your day feel special and give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience to look back on. If you’re planning a San Juan Islands wedding, you should consider adding a sailboat tour to your itinerary!

Eloping with a Sailboat

Angelica and Jeremiah joined me to create some San Juan Islands wedding inspiration with this sailboat photo session. These two are kind, loving, and real. They’ve been together for a long time, and every time I get to photograph them, their deep connection makes for incredible candid portraits. (Check out these Washington coast elopement photos to see what I mean.) 

A sailboat tour is a great addition to an elopement day. There’s so much flexibility in how much of your day you spend on the boat. Sailing could be your day’s main event or an intimate activity to come down from the high of your ceremony. You can be as casual or fancy as you like too. Wear your wedding attire or get cozy for those sea breezes. 

San Juan Islands Wedding Photos

For this sailboat session, I booked time with Captain Corey through South Sound Sailing Tours. We had such a good experience working with him! Corey is an enthusiastic guy who wants to share his passion for sailing with anyone who’s interested. He even teaches sailing to people who enjoy their tour enough to keep coming back. 

This tour is perfect for San Juan Islands wedding photos because Corey customizes the experience so much. Couples get to choose where they want to go and how long an experience they’d like. Corey even provides snacks and wine to help people relax and enjoy themselves while they explore the boat above and below deck. Before setting sail, Corey explains all the safety features and procedures for the excursion.  

To get to the tour, we took a ferry to Anderson Island and set out from Oro Bay. The island is just about an hour from Tacoma and home to several parks. Captain Corey sailed us all around Anderson Island. It’s the perfect spot for photographing a San Juan Islands wedding because you get that incredible mix of rugged coastline and wide open ocean in the distance.

Sailboat Elopement

We scheduled our tour close to sunset and couldn’t have had a better evening to be on the water. The sinking sun cast everything in a soft peachy light. The warm light looked so dreamy reflecting in Angelica’s hair and veil. 

As the light faded from pink to blue, dusk had its own magic. Angelica and Jeremiah took advantage of every moment to take in the views. Most of their attention stayed on each other, though. That connection was really the most magical part of the whole session.  

Would you like me to photograph your San Juan Islands elopement? I would love to document your day with intimate, emotional photos. Reach out to me! 

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