4 Date-Night Restaurants in Las Vegas by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

"4 Date-Night Restaurants in Las Vegas" by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

Why is finding a new date-night restaurant so hard? Even in Las Vegas, where tons of amazing chefs host their amazing food, my husband and I still find ourselves frequenting the same spots.

We go for the food, but also the atmosphere. We want to feel comfortable, intrigued, and even a little bit excited by our food, especially for date-night.

Lucky for you, I made a list! I LOVE LISTS!

Here are 4 fantastic new restaurants to try for date-night in Las Vegas. These spots are meant to be for the special evening, so they all have the pretty dollar signs but the food is

4 Date-Night Restaurants in Las Vegas for when you want to be fancy

  1. Esther's Kitchen

I find the name Esther difficult to say but their food is easy to eat. They describe their fare as "Seasonal Italian Soul Food In The Arts District" and their first image is of squid ink pasta. Who doesn't love eating black pasta? (I had my mom make squid ink pasta for my funeral themed bridal shower it's a winner).

2. Grape Street

Date-night in Summerlin

If you want to make the trip to Summerlin (the rich, white people part of Vegas) then this is a great little place to try. They like to style their plates of food in little pyramids, allowing you to have both a party in your mouth and a piece of artwork. Win-win in my opinion.

3. Park on Fremont

This restaurant absolutely kills it in their outdoor esthetic. Brick, fountains, mini fires, and a wall make entirely out of fancy china make your dining experience a joy from start to end.

4. Oscar's Steakhouse

Date-night in downtown Vegas

Now I can't say from dining experience because my husband and I don't eat meat BUT look at this old Vegas glam! This steakhouse is in a glass dome at the Plaza Hotel right near the Fremont experience. The juxtaposition of old Vegas and new Vegas doesn't always happen so closely so this is definitely a great place to check out.

This is not an extensive list of what great restaurants Vegas has to offer because usually I eat on the floor in my living room. However, its a fabulous place to start, especially if you're only here for a few days.

If you're more of the healthy, no meat type, come see my favorite Vegan restaurants here.

*Black Salt Photography is in no way affiliated with any of these restaurants and simply recommends them based on previous experiences.

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