Downtown Las Vegas Elopement session on the El Cortez parking garage

Downtown Las Vegas Elopement by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

“Downtown Las Vegas Elopement” by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

These two contacted me about a week before their spontaneous downtown Las Vegas Elopement, needing a photographer (hi, that’s me) and some great recommendations for their stay. That’s the thing about living in Vegas. It’s a city built on a whim, spontaneity, and free will. It’s a unique lifestyle being able to plan and have an entire elopement within just a couple of weeks!

Downtown Las Vegas elopement coming in clutch.

They had already booked an elopement package that didn’t allow outside photographers (a really common thing here in Las Vegas) but wanted to make sure they got some dreamy photos with me. Courtney & Josh never really had any professional photos together before and I was so excited to show them just how amazing the experience can be.

The Experience:

We started off at my favorite parking garage for some portraits during golden hour. The sun flares were amazing popping through some of the taller buildings in downtown. After the parking garage, we strolled over to a little speakeasy bar where they ordered some delicious looking drinks. Courtney & Josh enjoy frequenting small, local pubs like this and wanted to make sure to include it on their Epic Elopement Adventure.

I quickly fell in love with their goals and aspirations. Sometimes I forget just how beneficial it can be to surround yourself with like-minded people. One of the first questions I ask my couples is the standard “What do you do?” Then I like to take it a little bit father and ask why do you do what you do. Those answers always stimulate a deeper understanding of one another, which helps your photos feel authentic.

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Black Salt Photography is an elopement photographer and intimate wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Destiny photographs ceremonies in Las Vegas and surrounding cities and adores to travel where love takes her. Her moody photography style plays with natural light and shadow, laced with raw emotional moments, to create an authentic narrative experience. She photographs you as you so you’ll love your photos authentically.

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