Adventure elopement on the Oregon coast. God's thumb elopement in the summer

God’s Thumb Elopement Editorial | Oregon Coast

Ahhh, one of the coolest things about Oregon is how it can look like so many different places. Want some Iceland vibes? You got it. Feeling the Irish calling? We’ve got that too! God’s Thumb is such a unique place to explore. If you’re wanting more of a green, cliffy Oregon coast elopement then this hike is for you. You’re going to adore this God’s thumb elopement. Its adventure meets romance meets fairytale. And there’s a dog!? I LOVE photographing elopements where the couple brings their pets!

God’s Thumb Elopement in Lincoln City

These two cuties were so sweet to chat with as we made the trek to the top. None of us had ever done this hike before and didn’t know what to expect for their God’s Thumb elopement editorial. The wind was crazy when we got to the top and blew Mikaela’s hair all over the place. Adding movement to your photos with the wind is one of the easiest ways to add emotion to your photos. Sometimes it’s the smallest things that bring you back to your wedding day. Like the way the ocean breeze smelled when you had your first kiss or how the sand felt between your toes when you danced. Those moments seem impossible to capture in photos but I promise they are. I can capture them because I get to know you on a personal level so I’m always watching for those moments. You won’t even know I captured it for you to look back on forever, but it’s there.

How to get to Gods thumb:

God’s thumb is just outside of Lincoln City. It’s a popular hike but because of the difficulty and length, you likely won’t see many other hikers. To access the hike you have to go into private property and the owners graciously allow hikers to explore this area but reserve the right to close it off at any time. That’s why the leave no trace principles are so important! To learn more about Leave No Trace, check out this page.

The hike is about 4.3 miles round trip and takes you through the amazing forest on your way to the epic cliff’s edge. Walking up to the top of the “thumb” can be a little scary depending on what the weather is and how recently it’s rained. Unfortunately, this is not handicap accessible nor would I recommend it for small kiddos!

Eloping on the Oregon Coast

There are so many amazing places to elope on the Oregon coast just like this perfect location. God’s thumb in Lincoln City will make you feel like you’re in your own little world. Its secluded, intimate, and delivers epic views the entire time.

A couple of tips to keep in mind if you want to elope on the Oregon Coast:

  1. It’s basically always windy!
  2. The weather is a lot cooler than inland towns.

Make sure you wear the right clothes and footwear for your Oregon coast elopement so you don’t get too cold.

As your elopement photographer, I help you have the wedding day of your dreams. I help you find the best spots for your ceremony, assist with planning the logistics and permits, and give you endless advice and tips for everything elopement. You don’t just get a photographer, you’re getting a friend who actually cares about you and your experience. I want you to have the most amazing day and I’ll be by your side capturing every moment of it so you can relive your day through your images over and over again.

If these images made you feel something, send me a message. I would love to help you plan your perfect elopement and give you amazing images.

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