Katelyn’s Solstice Maternity by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

January 19, 2020

Forest Maternity Session | Burr Oak Woods | Missouri December 21, 2019

Katelyn’s Burr Oak Woods Maternity Solstice by Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Black Salt Photography

I was worried when I was taking these photos that the location wouldn’t represent what we were trying to achieve.

That the dead trees and muddy ground at Burr Oak Woods would contrast too harshly with Katie’s thriving baby bump, but I am so glad that my hypothesis failed. Not only is she such a GODDESS, but her maternity bump is fierce and beautiful. I loved dancing through the woods, trying to catch that golden hour light and laughing like schoolgirls. Living in Las Vegas, I rarely get to see snow and it was quite the treat to crunch my feet through the melting piles in Kansas City.

Katelyn has had some very difficult moments this past year. It always makes me sad when my friends are going through life shit and I am so far away that I feel helpless. Luckily, she’s making it through. The little tadpole in her belly is giving her purpose and her strength shines through in each and every one of these photos.

We ended the session gorging at MOD pizza, a build-your-own pizza joint with several vegan-friendly options! It was the perfect way to finish up such a glamorous day and just talking about it now makes me want to go have some pizza. I may be in love with pizza.

This shoot also introduces my first few baby steps (pun intended) into GIFs! As always, it will be a work in progress, but I am excited to start offering this option to my clients. GIFs can slow down and extend a beautiful moment we may have otherwise blown past.

Here’s to growth in 2020.

Growing our personalities and developing who we want to be.

Growing our talents and passions.

And, of course:

Growing a family.

2020 is going to be a wonderful year. Prop your feet up and stay awhile, I’ve got some great things to show you.

P.S. Picking a song for this blog post was difficult. I have a whole podcast on Spotify literally titled “For Katie” filled with songs I think she will like. Hopefully, I made the right call.

Listen & view.

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