Las Vegas Elopement, Amanda & Ryan by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

August 19, 2019

Dry Lake Bed Elopement | Nelson’s Landing | Las Vegas | Nevada July 12, 2019

El Dorado Dry Lake Bed Elopement & Nelson’s Landing elopement by Las Vegas wedding photographer Black Salt Photography

I will forever recommend an elopement wedding over a massive ceremony, especially after this incredibly intimate experience. There’s something special about having your best friend ask you to be her wedding photographer. When you’re one of four people standing on top of a cliff, you’re gonna feel them feels. Amanda’s classic beauty complimented the sunrise and you can’t even tell we got up at 4am for this. A dry lake bed elopement is so special.

Amanda’s career and love of natural parks was the guiding force for finding the perfect outdoor locations. We started off our day at the El Dorado Dry Lake Bed. The lake is a beautiful white-dirt bed surrounded by mountains. The sky was filled with purples and the rare Las Vegas clouds kept the brightest rays at bay.

By the time we made it to Nelson’s Landing, where yes you can cliff jump, and yes, Ryan did jump after the ceremony was over, the sun was up and it was already over 90 degrees. I was starting to sweat, she was starting to cry, and we captured the most beautiful sunrise images over the Colorado River. The whole morning felt like a dream. How could it be so perfect? This only happens in the movies!

We ended our wedding morning at one of my favorite breakfast spots, CRAFT Kitchen. Celebrating over coffee, waffles, and the gift of comfortability that marriage gives you. I’m not saying everyone should only have four people attend their ceremony but for these two, it was the most extraordinary few hours.

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Black Salt Photography is an elopement photographer and wedding photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Destiny photographs ceremonies in Las Vegas and surrounding cities and adores to travel where love takes her. Her moody photography style plays with natural light and shadow, laced with raw emotional moments, to create an authentic narrative experience. For pricing and information, send me a message.

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