Elopement on Neskowin beach in Northern Oregon. Eloping couple walk along the beach while holding hands. The fog is thick and almost covers Proposal Rock. You can see the tree stumps in the ground from low tide

Neskowin Beach Elopement in Tillamook, Oregon

Neskowin Beach Oregon Elopement and Proposal Rock Portraits

OH MY GOD I love these images SO much.

This moody Oregon coast, Neskowin Beach Elopement session was literally my dream. I had been dying to photograph in the PNW fog and this early morning elopement finally gave me the chance. The Neskowin Ghost beach is really unique because most of it is only visible on the lowest tide days of the year. Cue: frantic research of the tides and fog systems to make sure I got everything right on the day of.

The 2,000-year-old tree stumps are hidden by the water most of the time which makes this spot unusual and really cool. The Oregon coast never ceases to amaze me with all of the unique nature and adventure it provides. I’m sure you’ve seen by now, my constant obsession with all things Oregon, but I feel like it’s justified.

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  1. Planning a beach elopement
  2. Planning your Neskowin elopement
  3. Eloping couple’s love story
  4. Working with Black Salt Photography
  5. Free elopement planning resources
Bride and groom walk along the beach for their Oregon coast elopement. Bride looks over her left shoulder back at the photographer and holds her groom's hand.

Planning an Elopement on the Beach in Oregon

Oregon coast elopements are always going to have two things.

  1. Wind
  2. Cool features

Growing up in the midwest, I wasn’t expecting how windy the Oregon coast seems to be but I’ve learned to love it. Embracing the wind gives so much movement to your images and makes them feel dynamic! That being said, you’ll want to make sure you’re dressing appropriately, especially if you elope in the winter months.

The summer months can get crowded for your Oregon coast elopement because of all the tourists. If you want to elope in the summer on the coast, I recommend having an early morning ceremony to avoid all of the people.

As always, you’ll want to make sure you leave no trace for your wedding day celebrations. A few things to keep in mind in order to LNT is to always pick up what you bring in, double-check on regulations for florals and ceremony setups, and be mindful of any wildlife.

For more information on having sustainable elopement and Leave No Trace principles, check out this blog:

Eloping on the Northern Oregon Coast

If you’re looking to elope on Northern Oregon Coast, Neskowin Beach is a great spot. The beach itself is over three miles long! It’s definitely got some wind, depending on the day, and all the big rocks, tree stumps, and mossy trees make it the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos. Neskowin also isn’t as popular as some of the other beaches on the Oregon coast!

The weather at Neskowin Beach is generally mild, with the average temperature in Tillamook being 57 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips for planning your Neskowin Beach elopement

Where is Neskowin? Neskowin Beach is located in Tillamook County, Oregon.

This beach has a lot of interesting features that make it unique and really cool such as the tree stumps and the giant Proposal Rock. The Neskowin Ghost Beach is only fully accessible when the tide goes out (lowest tides) which happens on an annual basis to reveal this ancient forest buried deep below. The Neskowin Ghost Beach is really unique because most of it is only visible on the lowest tide days of the year. Because this beach is so flat, it can be a really long walk when the tide is out so make sure to have appropriate shoes and jackets for your journey out there.

Avoid The Crowds

Neskowin Beach can get pretty busy, especially around Proposal Rock! Proposal Rock is so huge you can’t miss it when you first walk onto the beach. While the rock is really cool and you should definitely check it out at low tide, I recommend going farther down the beach to explore the less-popular areas. In general, once people realize what you’re doing they will give you some space so you can have your private elopement ceremony but it always helps to move away from the crowds. Plus, if you move farther away from Proposal Rock, you can have it in the background of your photos which is really cool!

Explore The Corners

There are so many little spots that we briefly saw as the tide came back in during this elopement. There are several little caves and pathways in the rock along the beach that would be fun to explore after your elopement ceremony. Spend the extra time just enjoying each other and feeling like a kid again!

Book A Cabin

Don’t stay in a hotel for your elopement- book a cute Airbnb or cabin nearby and get the full Oregon elopement experience! Staying in something quaint that has character will give you even better memories of your wedding day. Plus, your getting ready and detailed photos will be SO much better in a unique cabin!

Visit The Town

Neskowin is another little coastal town in Oregon that has fun shops, yummy eats, and quirky morning markets that you should check out while you’re there. Visit the Neskowin Beach Golf Course and The Cafe at Hawk Creek to really get the local Neskowin experience.

Eloping Couple’s Love Story

Frances and Jared have been together for a really long time. They moved to Portland right before COVID hit so they haven’t really gotten to explore much yet. Frances really wanted to capture some photos of them together that showed their romantic and passionate relationship without making it feel weird or like a boring photo shoot.

The fog was really thick and I kind of felt like we were in a movie. It was only on the beach. As soon as you drive five minutes from the beach the day was bright and sunny. It reminded us of The Mist but, thankfully, the day was full of happiness and I have no horror stories to report.

This beach is always a bit moody but if you want to enjoy Neskowin Beach and Proposal Rock without as much fog then you should plan for an evening ceremony. That gives the fog enough time to dissipate after the morning!

The colors of this session are so beautiful because they seem to pop out from all the gray tones around them, including these two lovebirds! I loved how this elopement session was so different from anything I have photographed before. The Oregon coast is a really popular destination for weddings, but it’s less common to see people get married at the Neskowin Ghost Beach because of its size and accessibility challenges. It’s a pretty long walk from the parking lot to the spot on the beach that’s my favorite.

Working with me for your elopement

As your elopement photographer, I help you have the wedding day of your dreams. I help you find the best spots for your ceremony, assist with planning the logistics and permits, and give you endless advice and tips for everything elopement. You don’t just get a photographer, you’re getting a friend who actually cares about you and your experience. I want you to have the most amazing day and I’ll be by your side capturing every moment of it so you can relive your day through your images over and over again.

If you fell in love with these images as much as I did, contact me and we can start planning your romantic Oregon Coast elopement together.

Elopement Planning Resources

I’m always excited to share everything I’ve learned about planning your perfect elopement. Check out these free resources below and start the planning process for your day! I‘ve used my experience as an elopement photographer, wedding planner, and bride myself to create these resources. My goal is to actually help you. I don’t just regurgitate the same old crap. I learned and used these tips myself and it made my wedding day SO MUCH BETTER.

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