How to Pack a Wedding Dress for Travel

I often come across the common question of how to pack a wedding dress (or suit!) for travel. Many engaged couples feel worried about transporting their attire perfectly, and the task can quickly start to feel daunting. I promise it’s not as complicated as it might seem! There are just a few extra things to be mindful of to ensure your elopement attire can stay in tip-top shape. Whether you’re traveling by plane or car, I’ll share some tips on how to care for your dress. Even if you’re not traveling but want to ensure your gown doesn’t get musty, I’ve got you covered.

How to Pack a Wedding Dress for Travel

How to Travel with a Wedding Dress on a Plane

Traveling by plane can cause a lot of anxiety on a normal day, let alone the day you’re traveling with your precious wedding gown…on your way TO GET MARRIED!!! There are so many rules and TSA guidelines that seem to differ every time you fly. There is that pressure to only have the correct amount of carry-on baggage that even thinking of adding in a dress is too much. I recommend planning and figuring out what you need to do ahead of time to ensure your attire stays safe and wrinkle-free as much as possible. Some airlines may allow you to hang your dress in one of the flight attendant areas during the flight.

It’s always best to place your dress in a garment bag, preferably one that folds nicely. If you can make your elopement dress small enough, you may even be able to fit in the overhead compartment! The biggest challenge is the dress size and keeping it on the hangers, so ensure it’s securely packed inside the bag. Like anything else you aren’t willing to lose, never check your dress or suit in case it gets lost. Always keep it with you as carry-on luggage.

How to Travel with a Wedding Dress in a Car

When traveling with your wedding dress in a car, it’s crucial to handle it with care to prevent wrinkles and damage. Lay the garment bag flat on top of any other luggage or by itself in the trunk, ensuring it’s not crushed or bent. If the weather is hot, avoid leaving the dress in the car for too long, as heat can cause discoloration. It’s a good idea to periodically check on the dress during your journey to ensure it stays in good condition, especially if you’re driving long distances.

Additional Tips on Caring for Your Wedding Dress

Don’t worry…you won’t need a defibrillator to revive your dress after traveling or before your wedding day. Steaming is the easiest method! A portable steamer is affordable but might be time-consuming for more intricate dresses. An effective trick is to hang it in a steamy bathroom. Run a hot shower for 10-15 minutes to remove wrinkles. Take your dress out of the garment bag as soon as you arrive at your destination. This will start eliminating travel wrinkles. Here is a link for an affordable steamer if needed!

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