Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos & Get an Album

Picture this: It’s your elopement day, hands down the most incredible day of your life. You’ve got the most badass elopement photographer capturing every moment, and you just know your photos are going to knock your socks off. Fast forward a couple of months, and you finally get your gallery. It’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more. Life moves on, things get busy, and suddenly, the computer you saved your gallery to decides to go rogue, leaving you unable to access your precious wedding memories. That’s one of the many reasons I’m here today, shouting from the rooftops, “PRINT YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS!” and consider investing in a wedding album. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later when you have a beautiful, tangible keepsake to hold onto forever.

Reasons Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Your photos aren’t meant for a digital screen; think about it. Thirty years ago there wasn’t social media for people to post their photos. A lot of you probably have mothers or grandmothers who scrapbooked their entire life away. Isn’t it so fun to look back at those now!? These memories (and investments) deserve to be showcased in your home, giving you sweet reminders of the past. Forget the generic quotes from TJMaxx; decorate your space with your real life! Printed photos keep the memory of your favorite day alive and thriving, bringing back all the feels each time you glance at them. They also make for easy, heartfelt gifts for parents and grandparents, who will cherish them for years to come. Imagine the nostalgic joy your future generations will feel as they flip through their parents’ wedding album, connecting with your story in a tangible way.

Creating an album isn’t just about a quick “like” on Instagram; it’s about telling your wedding story meaningfully and intentionally. Plus, being able to hold and touch your handcrafted prints will bring back even more feelings. Remember, your photos are more than just iPhone pics; they’re true art. And let’s face it…social media platforms aren’t guaranteed to be around forever, and hard drives can fail. So, print your photos and ensure your memories are preserved for decades!

Where Can I Print My Photos?

I offer beautiful, professional printing services right in your gallery so it’s easy for you to order anything you’d like. It’s really important to choose a professional-grade printing lab instead of something like Shutterfly. Your photos are ART and have such depth in them that printing at a sub-par lab won’t do them justice. I’ve taken the guess work and decision making out for you and only use labs who offer quality, sustainability, and will last you for years to come.

Why Should I Invest in a Wedding Album?

Let’s talk about wedding albums—they’re like a time capsule of your love story! These albums aren’t just books that collect dust in your grandma’s attic. They’re full of memories, ready to transport you back to the magic of your big day in chronological order. Unlike digital files that can vanish into the abyss, an album is forever—a tangible reminder of your love and commitment. It’s a beautiful piece of art that tells your story in a personal and shareable way. Years from now, you could be sitting with your grandkids, flipping through the pages, and seeing the sparkle in their eyes as they glimpse into your past. Investing in a wedding album is a must to keep those memories alive and add a touch of elegance to your home.

I’m here to help you create stunning prints and beautifully packaged albums. Each package is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring your memories are not only preserved beautifully but also sustainably. As my client, if you’re looking for a meaningful and eco-friendly way to preserve your wedding day, I’ve got you covered!

I’m an elopement and intimate wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon, capturing love stories in the PNW and beyond. My specialty lies in intimate candids and editorial portraits, ensuring each couple gets a unique wedding day experience. I love playing with natural light and shadow to create moody, authentic narratives that reflect your true self. My goal is to photograph you as you are so you’ll love your photos authentically.

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