Sand Dune Couple’s Session by Oregon Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

Hanging out in the middle of nowhere for this sand dune couple's session was way more fun than I thought it would be. Zach and Jorgi are really good friends from our college days (Zach was one of our groomsmen!). Taking photos of friends is always an interesting experiment because I know them so well. There's a different level of trust coming from someone I've known for years which means we can get a little more playful, funky, and just enjoy the time together.

Adventure Couple's Session

When planning this session, I wanted to make sure we still reflected who they were as a couple. Z & J are, in general, much more cheerful than I am. I didn't want to push them too far out of their comfort zone. Feeling supported and authentic at your photo session is one of the most important "tricks" to getting good photos. You just have to feel amazing and then everything else works out. I promise.

It's so important to me to make your images feel like you, no matter who you are. We selected the clothing and jewelry together to reflect them and still fit the vision I had for the sand dunes photos. I loved the frilly bottom of her skirt because it added some texture and movement. One of my favorite things to do in a session is play with movement. I think it can be an amazing way to showcase intimacy. You'd be surprised how telling an image is that has your movement blur captured in it.

The Sand Dunes

Photographing a couple's session at the sand dunes can be tricky. Especially in the west coast, the sun is extremely bright and strong which can make harsh lighting and shadows. These photos were taken in January so the air was pretty cool and the sand a bit chilly between our toes. Almost as soon as you get to the sand dunes you have to take off your shoes. It's so much easier to walk barefoot.

The dunes remind you just how big the earth is. When you're just a few little specks among trillions of pebbles you feel a weird mixture of big and small. The dunes themselves are massive and tricky to climb up. But once you make it to the top, you can see the whole world.

I want you to feel as amazing as Zach and Jorgi do. You deserve to have photos that FEEL like you. Book a session with me and let's start planning your dream date.

Black Salt Photography is an elopement photographer and intimate wedding photographer based in Portland, Oregon. Photographing in the surrounding PNW areas and traveling often for destination love stories. Specializing in intimate candids and editorial portraits to craft a one-of-a-kind wedding day for every couple. Her moody photography style plays with natural light and shadow, laced with raw emotional moments, to create an authentic narrative experience. She photographs you as you so you'll love your photos authentically.

"Destiny definitely stood out amongst other photographers because we absolutely loved how involved she was from the very beginning. She really wants to get to know you- which makes for really intimate photos! She asks tons of questions, which is awesome because you feel like you know her before even meeting her! And once you finally do, she is so so sweet!!! Destiny is so great at communicating and being really involved in every detail! She captured every emotion and detail perfectly, whenever I look at our wedding pictures, it brings back every feeling on our special day. TEARS!"

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