How to DIY Your Wedding Bouquet by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

June 11, 2020

“How to DIY Wedding Bouquet” by Las Vegas Elopement Photographer Black Salt Photography

We all know that weddings can get expensive…and fast.

Some of the big-ticket items like venue, dress, and photographer are expected. But did you know that wedding florals can quickly skyrocket your price tag? Once you start adding in variation or a long centerpiece, you could be looking at several hundred dollars, depending on how large you want to go!

I was a DIY connoisseur for my own wedding. Everything I could do myself, I did. I even made and bound the paper for our guest book and vow books. I adored every minute I spent figuring out how to save money and express my creativity.

By the end of it, our ceremony and reception truly reflected who we are as a couple.

We didn’t buy any generically styled items – and people noticed. To this day we still get comments about how much people enjoyed our wedding and how they wish they could have done the same for theirs. 

Being a wedding coordinator and photographer, I get to help share a little bit of what I learned along the way, but I still want to do more. Keeping all my knowledge locked away isn’t helping anyone. You can make more than you think for your wedding! And I want you to feel confident in your day!

I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to save a little bit of money for your florals. By the end of your wedding, I’ll have you feeling like a DIY queen, master of the greenery, defeater of the boutonnieres. 

My favorite tip that I think we all hear about but many of us turn up our noses at is using fake flowers. Yes, I know fake sounds bad. It sounds yucky and cheap, and you don’t want your wedding to feel cheap. I was in the same boat when I first started planning my ceremony. But once I saw how much it would be for all the florals I wanted, I knew I had to come up with another idea. 

First, your guests will not care if their centerpieces are made of fake greenery.

The centerpieces are mostly for you anyway. The guests don’t need fancy table numbers and calligraphed menus. On the day of, you’ll be spending your time doing so many other things, I promise you’re not going to notice the fake or real greenery on the tables either. We used fake greenery for all my centerpieces, the aisle runner, and to cover our DIY wreath backdrop.

I recommend browsing Facebook marketplace, Goodwill, and other second-hand stores to find your fake stuff. We purchased very few “new” pieces for my greenery. Who knew I would love scoring on bags and bags of leftover or slightly used plants? You can also get some really unique vases this way, for your centerpieces, if you choose to have them. Getting greenery and vases throughout your wedding planning timeline allows you to make the arrangements bit by bit instead of all at once. 

I recommend using fake greenery for everything in your reception and ceremony besides the bouquets and boutonnieres.

You can absolutely use fake greenery for the bouquets and boutonnieres if you would like, but I knew that I wanted to press my flowers to make an art piece afterward. Also, I really like real flowers. Browse my Pinterest for tons of ideas and arrangments!

Where do you find your own real flowers?

It can be hard finding a bulk flower warehouse for your DIY wedding bouquet that allows civilians to purchase several dozen different types of flowers a few days before the ceremony. I would also be so stressed not knowing which flowers would be in stock at the time I would go to purchase.

I highly, highly suggest using a service such as Flower Moxie. They were a lifesaver when it came to figuring out exactly what I wanted and needed for my real flowers. You can have a consultation with a florist or just browse their website on your own. They will let you know what will be in season and how many of each flower you should purchase for the number of bouquets you need. 

I loved having this service because I was able to decide and order the flowers way before my wedding. I knew they would be delivered a few days before my ceremony and Flower Moxie told me exactly what to do to get everything open and ready for assembly.

My husband and I wanted to include our bridal party in as much as we could, so we had them each make their own floral arrangements. They may look at you like you’re crazy at first, but everybody loved it. Each piece was unique and represented the person who wore or held it. It’s a great bonding experience and a good way to take a little bit of the load off of yourself!

Some things you’ll need: DIY Wedding Bouquet

  • Floral tape
  • Wire
  • Shears
  • Buckets or trash cans
  • Ribbon

You can get many of the items cheaply at a chain store or you may even get lucky and have some thrown in the bags you buy of fake greenery.

You probably won’t use as much as you think you will, so purchase sparingly! When assembling the DIY wedding bouquet, you should start with the greenery first, as that will act as your filler. Slowly add in the larger flowers stem by stem, crossing them with each new addition. Make sure to vary your flower sizes and colors to have a dynamic bouquet or boutonniere. You’ll add in the tiny, accent flowers last to help spruce up the edges and make it unique!

For the boutonniere, you will want to begin with a large center flower or leaf. Insert the metal wire through the stem to help you hold onto the smaller accent flowers. Be sure not to overpower the boutonniere with excess flowers or greenery as it will start to look funny once pinned. Try keeping it to 3-4 different types of florals per pin. Secure it with some floral tape or ribbon, and you’re all set!

After the ceremony, I kept all the fresh and fake florals.

I immediately got to work on pressing and drying my fresh flowers. See my other tutorial here. on how to press your flowers to keep forever. Another option we considered for the fresh flowers was to donate them to nursing homes. If you don’t plan to do anything with your flowers, this is a great option so they don’t go to waste and you can make somebody’s week with an unexpected vase of flowers!

I pared down our fake greenery. We didn’t need to keep all of it, and I wanted to pass down the tradition I had become a part of by helping another bride with her wedding. I kept my favorites and bundled up the rest of the eucalyptus and flowers to be sold for cheap. I then used my newfound skills and created tons of small vases and bouquets for around our house.

Almost all of the plants in our house are fake because I kill the real ones, and they are all from our wedding. Reduce & reuse are two of my favorite words, and it’s wonderful to have memories of our favorite day everywhere we look. I had plenty of greenery left over, so I can switch up the arrangements whenever I want to a fresh look. Browse my Pinterest for tons of ideas and arrangments!

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