Lighthouse Wedding Elopement Locations in the PNW

I know many of you dreamers are out searching for the type of wedding that’s as unique as your love story. You’re looking for something different, something that hasn’t been overdone or seen too much on Pinterest. If you’ve landed here because you’re set on an elopement in the PNW, then I’ve got something special for you! Let’s talk about the charm of lighthouse wedding elopements along the coasts of Washington and Oregon. There really is a little lighthouse out here for everyone!

Why You Should Have Your Elopement Wedding at a Lighthouse

I have a good feeling that a lighthouse elopement probably hasn’t even crossed your mind… yet. Imagine your wedding soundtrack is crashing waves with a backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. The smell of fresh forest and ocean air and mist floating through your hair sets the tone for your favorite day ever. Lighthouses embody protection and security… which I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty sweet to be surrounded by symbolism such as that. Each lighthouse along the Washington and Oregon coasts has its own story and charm whether it’s more remote or on a cozy spot along the shores. If you’re craving a moody aesthetic for your gallery (my specialty), then a wedding on the coast is sure to deliver.

Things to Keep in Mind for Your Lighthouse Elopement

If you’re planning a lighthouse wedding on the coast, here are some key things to keep in mind! First off, logistics can be a bit trickier since many lighthouses are in remote or coastal locations, so make sure to plan transportation and accommodations in advance. Weather on the coast can be unpredictable and is almost always windy. We can always work with wind and rain, but be sure to have a backup plan in mind if these are elements that will drive you mad.

Some lighthouses require passes or permits for weddings, so check with the local park or authorities for any requirements depending on the lighthouse you choose. Lastly, when considering the time of year for your wedding, remember that the summer months are popular but can be crowded, while the shoulder seasons offer more privacy and possibly better weather. But remember, nothing is guaranteed when you’re on the coast 😉

My Favorite Lighthouse Wedding Locations in Oregon

Heceta Head – Florence

Standing on a tall cliff, this lighthouse offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, especially at sunset. The surrounding area is peaceful, making it an ideal spot for an intimate elopement. The nearby keeper’s house adds a touch of history and you have Heceta Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast.

Cape Meares – Tillamook |

Cape Meares is the shortest lighthouse in Oregon, but it sits on a dramatic headland, providing sweeping views of the rugged coastline. Its unique octagonal shape sets it apart. Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint surrounds the lighthouse, offering visitors a chance to explore the area and spot tons of wildlife.

Yaquina Head – Newport |

It only makes sense that we hop straight to the tallest lighthouse in Oregon~Yaquina Head. It is 93 feet tall and was first lit in 1873. This beauty is simple and white and sits on the westernmost point of the basalt headland.

Coquille River – Bandon |

The Coquille River Lighthouse isn’t as tall or grand as some of the other lighthouses, but it has a unique charm all on its own. The lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Coquille River, offering lovely views of the river and the surrounding coastal landscape. There are plenty of outdoor activities nearby for you adventurists, and you can visit the popular Face Rock!

Cape Blanco – Port Orford

Cape Blanco is a 59-ft tall lighthouse that sits on the westernmost tip of the state of Oregon. It’s also the oldest standing lighthouse in the state and is a very cute white building with a little red roof.

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See a closer look of Ari and Tanner’s intentional Oregon Coast elopement here!

My Favorite Lighthouse Wedding Locations in Washington

North Head – Ilwaco |

North Head Lighthouse sits on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean at the entrance to the Columbia River. It’s part of Cape Disappointment State Park, known for its stunning coastal views and hiking trails. The lighthouse has been guiding ships since 1898 and offers visitors a glimpse into the area’s maritime history.

New Dungeness – Sequim |

This lighthouse is located at the tip of the Dungeness Spit, the longest natural sand spit in the United States. It’s a bit of a hike to reach the lighthouse, but the views along the way are absolutely worth it. The lighthouse has been in operation since 1857 and is now maintained by the New Dungeness Light Station Association. They offer tours and overnight stays for those looking to experience the history up close.

Lime Kiln – Friday Harbor |

Lime Kiln is perched on a rocky bluff on the west side of San Juan Island, offering stunning views of the Haro Strait and Vancouver Island. It’s known as one of the best places in the world to spot whales from land, particularly orcas. The lighthouse is part of Lime Kiln Point State Park, which features picnic areas and walking trails. It’s a popular spot for both whale watching and enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Patos Island – San Juan |

Located on a remote island in the San Juan archipelago, this lighthouse is accessible only by boat~sign me up! The lighthouse, established in 1893, helped guide ships through the treacherous waters of the Haro Strait. The island is now part of Patos Island State Park, offering a rugged landscape for visitors to explore.

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If you’re on the lookout for even more elopement locations and ideas in the PNW, you’ll want to checkout these mountain elopement locations too! Need help planning your elopement? Black Salt Photos thrives on helping couples handle those little details with your elopement planning. Click here to read more about what we offer!

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