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If you dream of an adventurous mountain elopement in any season, you’ll want to stick around for this! Mt. Hood is an iconic peak in the Pacific Northwest and provides an incredible backdrop for your intimate ceremony. Whether you envision saying your vows on a snow-covered slope, in a lush forest, or with the mountain’s peak in the background, Mt. Hood has it all. Additionally, nearby towns such as Government Camp and Hood River provide accommodations and a variety of activities for you and your partner to enjoy. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know to plan your Mt. Hood elopement. We will choose the perfect location, obtain permits, and hopefully answer those frequently asked questions (or at least the bazillion questions you probably have in your brain)!

Table of contents:

  1. Why you should elope at Mt. Hood
  2. Mt. Hood wedding permits
  3. How to choose your Mt. Hood elopement location
  4. Best season to elope at Mt. Hood
  5. My top Mt. Hood elopement location picks
  6. Cool Airbnb’s near Mt. Hood
  7. Other places to stay in Hood River, OR


I spend A LOT of time in Oregon. Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Black Salt Photos yet-nice to meet you! I’m Destiny, an elopement photographer based in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. I’m also a Portland local, so I know all the best spots for your epic adventure! I’ve captured countless adventurous elopements along the Columbia River Gorge and Hood River County areas. So, although I’m a little biased-if you’ll let anyone sway you towards an elopement at Mt. Hood, let it be me! I have a bucket full of mountain elopement locations for this particular spot that I’m going to pour out for you below… but I know, I know, you want me to sell you on this mountain, so here it is:

Mt. Hood is the highest peak in Oregon! It’s an iconic symbol of the Pacific Northwest, attracting adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike. Its year-round snow-capped summit offers a unique backdrop for any occasion, especially weddings and elopements. What sets Mt. Hood apart is its accessibility and diverse landscapes. Within a short drive from Portland, you can find yourself surrounded by towering forests, alpine meadows, and rugged terrain. There are endless possibilities for exploration and adventure. Whether you’re seeking a scenic hike, a ski run, or a peaceful retreat, you’ll experience the true essence of the PNW. Mt. Hood has it all. Plus, with my expertise and knowledge of the area, you can rest assured that your Mt. Hood elopement will be the best day ever!


Permits are typically required for ceremonies held in national forests, wilderness areas, or other protected areas. Be sure to always check with the local authorities or park service at your elopement location for their specific permit requirements and regulations. In Mt. Hood specifically, you DO need a permit, but it is free! You can get all of the permit information here.


When choosing your dream elopement location within Mt. Hood National Forest, start by envisioning the type of scenery that speaks to your heart. Do you picture exchanging vows beneath the towering trees in a thick, moody forest, or perhaps with the snow-capped peak in the background? Consider the season and what landscapes resonate with you—spring blooms, summer meadows, or fall foliage. Research the park’s different areas and their accessibility, as well as any permit requirements. If you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to reach out to local photographers or wedding planners for their insights. They can help you discover hidden gems and find the perfect spot that aligns with your vision!


Picking the best season to elope at Mt. Hood National Forest is all about what kind of vibe you’re after. The cool part is that you can catch basically any feel, depending on the month you choose to seal the deal. If you love snowy scenes and cozy vibes, winter is the perfect time for you (typically December to February). Spring (March to May) brings out wildflowers and fresh greens, adding pops of color to your backdrop. Summer (June to August) means longer days and perfect weather for hiking, exploring, and significantly less snow. Fall (September to November) paints the forest in golds and reds, making for stunning photos. Each season at Mt. Hood has its vibe, so pick the one that feels like you!


  1. Trillium Lake: Located 7.5 miles south-southwest of Mount Hood, pristine alpine waters encircled by lush forests offer a stunning, unobstructed mountain view.
  2. Umbrella/Sahalie Falls: The Umbrella Falls and Sahalie Falls trails connect where you’ll wander through meadows, open woods, and fir and hemlock forests to see two beautiful waterfalls.
  3. Mirror Lake: Two miles from Government camp, a popular destination for Nordic skiing, and similar vibes to Trillium Lake.
  4. Paradise Park: This wilderness trail offers stunning views of Mount Hood, passing through meadows renowned for their wildflowers before ascending a forested ridge alongside the Zigzag River, leading to the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and Paradise Park’s breathtaking alpine meadows.
  5. Zigzag Canyon Overlook: A more rugged yet approachable hike where you’ll be treated to wildflowers and a sweet huckleberry treat if you happen to be there from September on.
  6. Old Salmon River Trail: If you want redwoods vibes, you’ll die over this 1.9-mile trail that runs alongside the scenic Salmon River, offering a close and constant sound of the river, old-growth forest features, and a relatively flat hike with bridges crossing small creeks.
  7. Lolo Pass: Known for its fantastic views of the Cascades, mountain lakes, fishing, hiking trails, and scenic vistas, leading travelers down a former segment of the Oregon Trail.

Additional Mt Hood Elopement and Photo Locations

  1. Silcox Hut: At an elevation of 6,950 feet on Mount Hood, the Silcox Hut is a small rustic mid-mountain lodge perfect for elopements and small weddings!
  2. Lost Lake: This location is heavily trafficked, but that just means it’s a great spot. I’d recommend an elopement here on off seasons if you want to avoid the crowd!
  3. Tamanawas Falls: An ideal summer elopement destination to cool off on a hot summer afternoon, featuring approximately 100-foot-high and 40-foot-wide falls, with the trail following Cold Spring Creek, shaded by Douglas fir, cedar, and a variety of trees and shrubs.
  4. Pacific Crest Trail: The PCT is actually 130 miles long and happens to cross through Mt. Hood National Forest. Only the most committed hikers journey along the entirety of the trail!
  5. Mt. Hood Ski Bowl: Located near Government Camp, this recreation area on Mount Hood is known for being the largest night ski area in the United States, with a total skiable area of 960 acres, perfect for snowbirds.
  6. Timberline Lodge: Offers several venue spaces for your storybook wedding with breathtaking views, rustic charm, exquisite food and drink, cozy accommodations, and customizable options for a Mt. Hood wedding.

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I got curious and decided to see for myself because I KNEW there would be some of the cutest stays around Mt. Hood. Choosing the right place to stay can really upgrade your getting ready photos (and your overall experience!) so it’s not something to sleep on. No pun intended.

THE CEDARWOOD CABIN: A beautifully restored vintage cabin in the woods.

MIDNIGHT HOLLOW: A custom-built cabin with everything you need at your fingertips, including a steamy hot tub on the deck to a projector screen to cozy up with a good movie.

COZY A-FRAME: Get your full mountain experience with a snug and private stay at this hidden Mt. Hood A-frame.


No worries! Here are some additional lodging options near the mountain:


I’m so excited about your decision to elope at Mt. Hood or anywhere else in Oregon! With countless options, it’s no wonder you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed at first! As a local elopement photographer and planner in the Pacific Northwest, I’m here to help ease that uncertainty. Whether you’re looking for something easily accessible or a more adventurous setting, Oregon has it all. Let me use my expertise to make your planning process stress-free. I want to help make your day as unique as it deserves to be!

If you’re ready to start planning your Oregon or PNW elopement, I’m here and eager to help. Contact me here, and let’s create a day you’ll never forget!

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