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Many people choose an elopement over a traditional wedding because they want to spend the day being really present with their partner. Everyone loves the wild, runaway feeling of an elopement. A little bit of planning goes a long way in giving you the space to connect with your person on your day. Getting to have a gallery full of real, candid elopement photos instead of posed, cliche pictures is one of the best things about choosing to elope. Check out these candid elopement picture ideas and tips for planning with your photographer.

candid elopement photos at Crescent lake at sunrise

Candid Elopement Photos Ideas

  1. Be honest about what you want from your wedding day.

This might seem like a weird place to start for elopement picture ideas, but it’s so important. You can’t have an authentic wedding day if you feel like you’re performing to someone else’s expectations. Hate the idea of a first look? Skip it! Want to get your hands dirty potting a tree? Go for it.

  1. Focus on each other, not your photographer.

I always develop a genuine relationship with clients before showing up on their wedding day. Hearing the mechanical camera sounds can still be a bit weird. Focus on each other instead. Touch, kiss, or hold hands. Do whatever feels natural to your relationship. You already know how to be in love. Trust that I know how to translate that into great photos.

  1. Build in time to actually enjoy what you’re doing. 

Whatever elopement picture ideas you have, remember to build in extra time for them. Setting aside 30 minutes for photos at the beach doesn’t leave you time to explore and experience the beach the way you’ll want. Those 30 minutes will be a full-on posed photoshoot instead of you embracing the moment. With a little extra time, you can enjoy the waves, watch the birds, and cuddle in the sand while still getting those Pinterest-worthy images.

  1. Treat your elopement like a date instead of a wedding day.

You read that right! By removing “wedding” from your plans, you can create a more personal day that feels natural. There’s so much pressure to have a perfect wedding that it can stifle any creativity and enjoyment. Designing an ideal date means you can include everything you love without doing things because you feel like you’re “supposed to.”

  • Start big.

Hold off on budgeting everything down to the detail until you know what your dream scenario is. Let yourself imagine the best-case scenario, and work with your photographer to figure out what’s possible with that in mind.

  • Use your imagination.

You’re not confined to tradition for your elopement picture ideas or any part of your day. As yourself, “What are some of our favorite things to do, eat, and see together? What’s something we’ve always wanted to do?” Embrace the sense of adventure!

  • Know why you love the images that draw you in.

Do you like images because they’re set in a cool landscape? Because the couple looks like models? Or do you find yourself drawn to images that feel raw and real? The distinction is important! Communicate that to your photographer. It’s a skill to get couples comfortable enough for those candid moments to happen. Make sure you choose the photographer who can deliver. 

Are you looking for an elopement photographer who can help you plan a personalized experience? I can help you create a one-of-a-kind elopement day and document it with candid photos. Let’s do this!

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