A Twelve-Hour Elopement Day Timeline | Santina + Kevin

I adore elopements, and that’s precisely why I’ve chosen to specialize as an elopement photographer. There’s just something special about the intimate and adventurous spirit! I am excited to share the elopement day timeline from Santina and Kevin’s celebration. What made it even more unique is that we managed to weave through a myriad of activities within 12 hours – yes, you heard it right, an entire twelve hours.

Elopements have evolved, and I’m here to dismiss the misconception that they’re quick, two-hour affairs. Santina and Kevin’s Columbia River Gorge Elopement defied expectations, resembling a comprehensive day-long event similar to a traditional wedding. I can’t wait to walk you through every moment.

The Couples Story

Santina always thought Kevin was attractive, and her heart would race each time she saw him on their college campus. Luckily, Kevin felt the same way, considering her a “cute hipster” who stood out among the rest. He was eager to get to know her better. Fast forward to April 23rd, when Kevin proposed in Lake Tahoe. He suggested a picnic and photo session, as he enjoys scenic photography. Despite Santina’s attempt to postpone due to snow the night before, Kevin was determined to go through with it. They set up a picnic on a dock on a surprisingly beautiful sunny day in Tahoe. While setting up his camera, Kevin surprised Santina by pulling out a ring box and proposing, capturing the moment on video!

Santina and Kevin’s Elopement Day Timeline

9:30 AM: Photographer (me!) arrives at Airbnb

9:40 ish AM: Breakfast!

11:00 ish AM: Cute & cozy photos around the Airbnb before the couple splits to get ready

11:30 ish AM: Getting ready

12:30 PM: Kevin gets dressed & solo groom portraits

12:45 ish PM: Santina gets dressed & solo bride portraits

1:00 PM: First look

1:15 PM: A few couple portraits

1:30 PM: Gifts to their parents

2:00 PM: Ceremony

2:30 PM: Post ceremony hugs and portraits

3:00 PM: Champagne toast

3:45 PM: Pack up and head to Wahclella Falls (~30 minutes drive)

4:15 PM: Arrive at trailhead & start hike

5:00 ish PM: Photos all along the way & stop for picnic

7:00 PM: Head to Boat Launch (~20 minutes drive)

7:40 PM: Golden hour begins for photos, personal moments, & wedding dessert

8:38 PM: Actual sunset

9:30 PM: Back to Airbnb for final family photos, relaxed vibes, and dinner pics (~6 minutes drive)
9:30 PM: Coverage Ends

A 12-Hour Elopement Story

Their wedding day was wonderfully serene, focused on celebrating together without unnecessary stress. They began by making biscuits and gravy and setting up a charcuterie board at their Columbia River Gorge Airbnb. With their dog in tow, they invited only their parents for an intimate ceremony officiated by my husband, Therin. After the ceremony, we hiked to Wahclella Falls for photos, followed by a pit stop at a taco truck and shots taken on a boat dock. I appreciate how their photos on the dock evoke memories of their proposal day. We wrapped up their elopement day timeline at the Airbnb with the family, dinner, and champagne.

“Destiny was amazing to work with! I really couldn’t imagine planning our elopement without her. She made the process approachable and took care in planning our perfect day. I loved how organized everything stayed with her online portal. Day of, She made us feel so comfortable. We were very nervous about being in front of a camera, but she helped us the whole way. We also used her husband, Therin, as our officiant, and he wrote beautiful, beautiful words for our ceremony. Everything went so smoothly and effortlessly!”


Photographer | Black Salt Photos

Dress | A&BE Bridal Shop

Suit | J.Crew

Florist | Crepuscular Gardener

Picnic | Little Bee PDX

Veil | Sara Gabriel

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