Moody Lake Crescent Elopement Inspiration

The Pacific Northwest is full of mossy, moody landscapes, but there’s something truly special about the Olympic Peninsula. In the early spring, Holly and Jessica met up with me for photos by Lake Crescent before a snowy walk to Sol Duc Falls. Fog hung low over the water for this sunrise session. The whole morning had a dream-like feeling that makes it perfect inspiration for a Lake Crescent elopement.

couple shot standing by Lake Crescent

Inspiration for a Lake Crescent Elopement

Even though this was a styled session, Holly and Jessica are a real couple. The spark you see in these photos is undeniably authentic. Both of them love this area too. During the pandemic, Jessica took her kids hiking almost every day to teach them a love of nature. Holly has her own fond childhood memories of the hot springs nearby.

Holly and Jessica had so much fun stepping away from their everyday lives to take these photos in beautiful clothes. This bold green dress really popped against the moss and trees. It’s a great choice for a Lake Crescent elopement and so much more interesting than a conventional white gown. 

Lake Crescent is a popular spot for photos because of its views on clear days. We happened to be there for sunrise in the springtime. In Washington, that comes with a lot of fog, but the weather has its own moody beauty. Colors still stood out brightly against the gray sky with the first yellow wildflowers starting to bloom at the foot of moss-covered trees.The damp made the colors of the wood and moss that much richer. 

Lake Crescent’s water is also completely clear. After growing up in Missouri, this still blows my mind and feels like part of the Olympic Peninsula’s magic. When the sun is high and the water calm, it reflects the mountains around it like a giant mirror.

Before the lakeside ceremony, Jessica and Holly wrote their vows together by lamplight. The little lights on the bench were so cozy and intimate. It really felt like they were in their own world just focused on each other. 

A Wintery Walk to Sol Duc Falls

If you’re planning a Lake Crescent elopement, check out Sol Duc Falls after your ceremony. Nearby there’s a resort for the hot springs. Plan ahead to have cash for entry. Even if you skip the hot springs, though, the waterfall is really cool. Instead of climbing down to the bottom to take a look, you can stand on a huge bridge that spans the falls to get a bird’s eye view.

When I photographed Holly and Jessica at Sol Duc Falls, ice and snow still covered the paths through the forest. Winter sessions like this are so underrated. Everything was incredibly quiet with no one else around. It felt like we had the whole forest to ourselves – ideal for an elopement!

Are you looking for a photographer to document your Lake Crescent elopement? I would love to capture your weird, wild, and wonderful moments. Reach out to me!

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