Coastal Washington State Elopement

Coastal Washington State Elopement

Angelica and Jeremiah are perfect examples of how you don’t need a flashy event for your marriage to be passionate and real.  These two have been together since they were teenagers. While that might sound like a fairytale, they’ve already lived a lot of life together. Instead of letting that get in the way of their connection, they’ve learned how to live in the moment and enjoy every second together. A coastal Washington state elopement was the perfect way to get swept up in celebrating their love.

groom dipping bride on Ruby beach in Washington state

An Emotional Washington State Elopement

When Angelica and Jeremiah reached out to me, it was clear that their priority for their elopement was to be present with each other. Jeremiah is silly and loves to be adventurous. (Check out the photo of him trying to scale the sea stacks at Ruby Beach below.) Angelica is a soft-spoken creative who loves nature and animals. Their beach elopement was as sweet, funny, and sensual as they are.

To keep things simple, Angelica and Jeremiah got ready in their tent. Angelica wore a windswept gown from Brides for a Cause. The couple exchanged vows on Kaloloch Beach near the Tree of Life. This is an iconic spot for Washington state elopements. The tree balances precariously on the cliffside. It looks surreal with its roots in the air above the beach. Eventually, the weather will erode the dirt that keeps it suspended, and it will fall. There’s something magical about capturing portraits in this spot knowing that it’s always changing.

Angelica and Jeremiah potted a plant during their unity ceremony in front of the Tree of Life. They had fun getting their hands a little dirty. I love the way the dirt on Angelica’s manicured hands and in the hem of her dress contrast so much with the experience of a traditional wedding. Angelica let the sand and beach debris collect in her dress while she focused on the tangible, sensory experience of marrying Jeremiah. The moment felt all the more real and reflective of them.

Kalaloch Beach is a pretty dreamy spot for an elopement. The Tree of Life and sun-bleached driftwood create so much dimension. I love that every beach in the Pacific Northwest has its own personality. Each offers a unique experience for elopements.

Adventurous Photos at Ruby Beach

For post-ceremony portraits, we headed to Ruby Beach. Ruby Beach is another gem for a Washington state elopement. The colors and textures are incredible. Sunsets along the coast in this part of the Pacific Northwest are so vibrant! Huge rocky formations called sea stacks sit along the shoreline. The warm light silhouettes them against the glowing water. 

We arrived at Ruby Beach just in time for golden hour and then blue hour. The light changes fast at this time of day, and every moment was magic. Purple and rose-colored clouds rolled overhead while Angelica and Jeremiah ran along the water’s edge. As the moon rose, we took some portraits with lanterns by the sea stacks. They feel like such a great representation of everything this couple has gone through leading up to their elopement.

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